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‘The Hybrid Athlete’

‘’The Hybrid Athlete’’ concept is the base which my practice and teachings are radicated on, I like to present it as an hybrid approach to physical culture.

The integration of many different activities and training method in a coherent and effective way is the foundation of my vision.

From dynamic mobility and flexibility to yoga, from a bodyweight strength approach to movement and flow, from building amazing skills to lifting weights, from improving your overall athletic condition to sculpting the body for aesthetics.

Let’s go deeper into it.

First of all, starting with a conditioning practice you will work from simple to complex movements simultaneously improving mobility, flexibility, basic strength and joint strength. At this stage you will improve your metabolic capacity too and you will come in contact with the flow state in your practice.

From conditioning I move my attention to simple and complex skills (abilities) which comprehend both calisthenics strength elements and compound lifts by using external overloads.

Along with skills development, the practice of hand-balancing and in particular the Handstand deserve a very special attention.

I consider it an exceptional and unique method to work on strength, mobility and to develop a great diversity of qualities. Integrating and mastering this beautiful skill into your practice, you will develop trust, self-awareness and even more stimuli to research and reach greater movement refinement.

A final tool to add into the arsenal consists of all the complementary work with external overloads, with the purpose of building and improve the aesthetics of the body, correcting imbalances, weaknesses and to achieve a better body composition.

‘The Hybrid Athlete’’ is exceptional for its holistic and inclusive approach.

Do you want to improve your practice?

Are you looking for new stimuli?

Do you want to try a new approach without abandoning your current practice?

Do you want to build a personal approach and experiment something that is only about you?

The Hybrid Athlete Is Definitely The Way.