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What I can do for you..

Online Education

This service gives me the chance to work with people all around the world and people that can't meet me face to face at the gym. So, let's start to work on your transformation, I'm honored to help you to reach a higher level in performance and to find the right path to evolve. Write me about your needs, we can talk and find the best solution for you, creating your custom program and training schedule. I look forward to work with you! For more info about the online education write me to

Workshop, seminar, retreat

This is the way to know, deepen or simply get in touch with my approach to physical practice and study specific and varied topics about it. For very specific topics I suggest a minimum of two-three hours practice; for a deeper, more comprehensive and a better understanding of my personal approach, I recommend multiple segments over the course of a day, a weekend or a whole week. By sending your specific request to, I will evaluate a specific proposal for you.


I offer three different type of class along the weekly schedule and each of them is dedicated to beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of practice. Bodyweight Strength Conditioning, TAD 0-13 Strength Conditioning-Clubbells-Calisthenics and an Open Gym & Self Practice window. For information check the 'Classes Schedule' page. For specific request about the participation write me to

One to One Sessions

You have the possibility to book a single private training session with me to work on any specific skill or requirement you choose. The session could be based on the different activities I incorporate in my teaching method: mobility and flexibility routine, Bodyweight training, Skills bodyweight strength training, Handstand and hand balancing, Yoga, Body building for aesthetic purpose. Book your session writing me to

One to One Education

By choosing this service I will guide you through a process of learning that goes over the private training session. It includes: multiple one to one lessons with me to complete along the period of time to the commitment, a specific training program which could be updated session by session, constant consulting with me and support on anything needed. For specific requests about this service write me to