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Training programs

In this section you have access to different type of training programs you can experiment and start with.  

The purpose of giving free access to them, is to let you get in touch with my teaching method and understand how we could fuse together different type of practices in order to develop a personal and unique way of building the practice itself.

You can open and read the PDF by clicking on the image or the name of the program.  


Note: programs does not contain full regression/progression of the exercises, they are designed for individuals who have some experience in bodyweight training and / or weights training. If you don’t feel comfortable running a program by your own, feel free to contact me in order to find a way to let me guide you through it.

This program is for everyone who wants to start experimenting the combination of calisthenic skills based approach and weight lifting. The goal is to improve the overall physical condition and abilities, following a upper body / lower body weekly split.

Equipment: rings, straight bar, parallettes, barbell set with plates, dumbbells, resistance bands, box / bench.

Session per week: 2 calisthenic skills sessions; 1 calisthenic and weights session; 2 weights sessions; 2 no / low intensity sessions.

Duration: 8 weeks.

This program is for everyone who wants to train with a calisthenic based approach, leaning and consolidating all the basic elements of bodyweight training. The goal is to improve the overall physical condition and abilities of the individual, and setting a good baseline where to start from for more specific programs next.

Equipment: medium (about 1m) height parallettes / rings; straight bar / rings. 

Session per week: 3 calisthenic medium / high intensity sessions; 3 low intensity sessions; 1 no intensity session.

Duration: 4 weeks

You can also run the program more then once in row and test yourself each time for evaluating your improvements.


Note: weekly schedules are training plans in which you find a specific selection of exercises and training days distributed along the course of one week but without the full programming for the whole month. Contact me if you wanna plan a full program on the base of a specific schedule in this section.